Your Help is Needed for our AB 848

The deadline for this critical legislative action is this Friday!
To all who oppose CA State Tax dollars going to offshore good, middle class CA jobs,

The time to act is NOW! AB 848 (McCarty) the "Stop Offshoring Abuse" bill, will be heard on the Senate floor as early as Monday 9/11/17!!! Please click on to send your message to CA State Senators now!!!

AB 848 was written in response to the horrifying behavior from UCSF in July of 2016, when it told 97 workers that their job was going to be offshored to India, and they were going to have to train their replacements who were coming in on H-1B visas and would return to do the jobs for less than 1/2 price after the "knowledge transfer" was complete. This facilitates a global race to the bottom for workers the world over, and we cannot condone it.

The UC and CSU are State run institutions, and they get tax payer dollars to fund their operations. This is not the Disney corporation ( ), or Southern California Edison ( ). UC and CSU's allegiance should not be toward maximizing profits, but to maximizing societal good for Californians.  

Please click on to send your message to CA State Senators now!!! 

Since the layoffs were enacted on February 28th, 2017, 60 minutes ran a story in March and re-ran it in August covering this atrocity ( While UC lobbyists were inside the California State Capitol building telling legislators that they were "never going to offshore jobs again," UCSF put out a statement defending their position and reasserting their rights to offshore the jobs.

CSU has hired a very high-priced lobbying firm "Capitol Advocacy" to kill AB 848. They are doing damage to our ability to pass this bill right now! Please, help us counteract their poisonous lies by sending a message to CA State Senators now!!! (

Thank you so much for all you do,

UPTE-CWA Local 9119