Worksafe Newsletter: A Month of Change

August 2019 Newsletter

Dear Friends & Allies,
This is my final Worksafe newsletter missive. As I announced two weeks ago, I am leaving Worksafe to become Chief of the Division of Occupational Safety and Health. I am deeply honored that Governor Newsom and Secretary Su have placed their confidence in me to lead Cal/OSHA.

The last few years have been a whirlwind — quitting my job and moving across the country for love, coming to Worksafe, getting married, losing a parent, and welcoming our daughter into the world. Now, sooner than I’d planned or expected, is another change. I’ve been given a tremendous new opportunity to contribute to worker health and safety through public service.

This new opportunity would not be possible but for the incredible welcome and support I received when I arrived at Worksafe, from the staff, the Board, and from Worksafe’s many friends in the labor, public health, and legal communities.

Those friends and supporters have become my friends and supporters, encouraging me to pursue this new role. I will work hard to live up to your expectations.

Working in the nonprofit sector has been a rewarding, learning experience. I am so impressed by the work of the nonprofit legal and worker activist community in the Bay Area and throughout California. This is a critical time to support our nonprofits and the work they do to make a better world for everyone.

I am especially impressed and thankful for my colleagues at Worksafe. Thanks for being such a great team, and for all you have given to make Worksafe stronger and make California safer for workers. I know you will do great things in the coming years.


Doug Parker
Action Alert: Toxic Secrets Put Salon Workers at Risk

DYK? Fragrance and flavoring ingredients in many cosmetic and personal care products contain chemicals known to cause human and environmental harm.
What's more, there are no federal laws requiring companies to disclose these ingredients to workers, consumers, or even regulatory agencies. Salon workers are at an especially high risk of suffering negative health effects from hidden fragrance ingredients. We’re talking cancer, breathing problems, skin disorders, and reproductive harm.
That's why Worksafe recently traveled to Sacramento to support SB 574 (Leyva), the Cosmetic Fragrance and Flavor Ingredient Right to Know Act of 2019. This bill would require companies selling personal care or beauty products in California to report any fragrance or flavor ingredients that are known to harm to human health and the environment. The California Safe Cosmetics Program would then publish this information on their public database, allowing salon workers and owners to compare products and learn about potential health hazards.
SB 574 has passed the Senate and is heading into an Assembly floor vote in early September. If you agree that workers deserve to know about workplace hazards please submit comments to your legislators!
Shout out to Black Women for Wellness, Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, andWomen’s Voices for the Earth for their leadership on this important occupational issue.
Worksafe's Tim Shadix Joins WWRC!

Adding to the recent changes at Worksafe, this month we said farewell to our staff attorney, Tim Shadix.
Since 2017, Tim has been leading our efforts to improve workplace safety and economic security for temporary and contingent workers in Southern California.
As part of this arrangement, he was placed with our partner, Warehouse Workers Resource Center (WWRC), in Ontario, CA. From there, Tim helped build WWRC’s capacity to support warehouse workers with legal issues related to health and safety.
The good news? Tim isn't going far — he is joining the WWRC team as their new legal director! We are excited to continue collaborating with Tim in his new position and through the California Alliance for Secure Employment (CASE).
Tim has been a wonderful coworker and a vital part of the Worksafe team. We will miss his thoughtful contributions, sharp legal mind, and thoroughly pleasant disposition. Fortunately, we found a great replacement for him who will help keep the temporary worker project alive and well — keep reading to learn more!
Meet Our New SoCal Attorney!

We are thrilled to announce that Augustin Eichwald-Romero has joined the Worksafe team! As our new staff attorney, Augustin will take over for Tim Shadix in Southern California and spearhead our temporary worker project.
Before joining Worksafe, Augustin worked in several firms that represent Southern California’s immigrant and Latinx communities. He has experience working with monolingual Spanish-speakers on a variety of issues from criminal law and immigration to family law and civil rights.
Augustin also has a background as a community organizer. He spent more than five years working in various campaigns to address pollution and environmental injustice in Los Angeles’ South Bay community of Wilmington, California — home to the Port of LA and a number of major oil refineries. Head to our staff page to read Augustin's full bio.
*And* We're Seeking a New Legal Fellow!

That's right, we're also looking to hire a new legal fellow to join our Oakland office. Please forward the hiring annoucement to folks you know who may be interested!