UPTE Bargaining Update

UPTE-CWA Local 9119 Healthcare, Research, and Technical members went on a one-day Unfair Labor Practice strike last week in response to UC's moves to secretly outsource UPTE-CWA members' work while they are working without a contract, which is illegal.

UC plans to eliminate nearly 40 jobs at a new rehab center in Davis by contracting out work to a "joint venture" with for-profit Kindred Healthcare. UPTE-CWA has also recently learned of UC's plans to outsource $56 million in IT services across all five UC Medical Centers, including UPTE-CWA members' work, as well as a plan authorizing the outsourcing of more than $150 million of clinical, non-clinical, and IT jobs at the Medical Centers.

In February, UC presented UPTE-CWA with their so-called "last, best, and final offer" for Research and Technical members, which contains unnecessary and unacceptable cuts including eliminating step increases for pay, no daily overtime or protections for full-time work, putting pension benefits in jeopardy by pushing new hires to choose a risky 401(k), and more. The offer would also limit the right to file a grievance in cases of sexual harassment and sexual violence.

UC executives recently announced that they would be forcing their proposals on 10,000 Research and Technical workers immediately, with some terms taking effect June 1. However, this imposition is not the end. UPTE-CWA members will continue to fight for a fair contract at UC.