T-Mobile Bargaining Update #12

T-Mobile Bargaining Update # 12


Your bargaining Team met on January 6th, 2021. CWA opened with our concerns regarding the recent increase of COVID cases and building maintenance issues that needed to be addressed.

The Company responded that the store was safe if we maintain current COVID practices and property management will be replacing defective equipment. We also discussed current staffing levels.

CWA reached a Tentative Agreement on:

• Floor Coverage

CWA submitted two proposals:

• Promotions and Change of Position

• Floor Coverage and Minimum Hours

The Company submitted one counter proposal:

• Management Rights

On October 29th CWA submitted one proposal:

• Wages and Compensation

The Company submitted two counter proposals:

• Floor Coverage

• Wages and Compensation

Negotiations will resume on February 3rd. We are almost there and need to


We have achieved Twenty (20) Tentative Agreements to date!


In Unity,


Louis Rocha, CWA Chief Negotiator

Michael Barfield, CWA 9404 President

Carlos Silva, Mobile Expert