Sign our petition telling the FCC to stop the merger and protect American jobs!

Justice at T-Mobile

A merger in the works between telecom giants T-Mobile and Sprint is threatening the jobs of 30,000 U.S. workers and will lead to higher prices for consumers.

That makes it a deal we can’t afford. Sign our our petition telling the FCC to stop the merger and protect American jobs!

The T-Mobile/Sprint deal would merge two companies with long track records of closing call centers, sending work overseas, and denying workers the right to a voice on the job.

Our researchers have taken a close look at the details of the merger. Many T-Mobile and Sprint stores are located near each other—in fact, some are literally neighbors. This means that if the companies merge, the new T-Mobile will close a lot of stores, putting 25,500 people out of work. Another 4,500 headquarters employees will see their jobs eliminated. T-Mobile and Sprint executives call this synergy. We call it making wealthy executives and large shareholders even richer at the expense of working people.

The merger would also hurt consumers: Less competition among carriers will drive up prices by as much as 15 percent and leave 46 million rural customers with no access to the merged companies’ high-speed networks.

We have a chance to stop this. Regulators are in the process of reviewing the merger to determine whether or not it is in the public interest and we expect a decision in the coming weeks. Please click here to sign the petition to stop the T-Mobile/Sprint merger. We’re all in this together!


Debbie Goldman

CWA Research and Telecommunications Policy Director

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