L.A. Times Workers Vote Overwhelmingly for Union

Los Angeles Times

Newsroom employees at the Los Angeles Times voted overwhelmingly to join NewsGuild-CWA, despite facing an aggressive anti-union campaign. The Times has historically been one of America's most anti-union newspapers, and the reporters, copy editors, graphic artists, and photographers who joined together win a voice at work were elated.

"Today we made history," they wrote in a letter to their co-workers. "For the first time since the Los Angeles Timesprinted its inaugural edition in 1881, our journalists have voted to form a union. We've long been a proud voice for our readers. Finally, we can be a proud voice for ourselves. Anyone familiar with the history of The Times — and of Los Angeles itself — knows the significance of what we've just accomplished."

Jon Schleuss, a graphics and data reporter who was on the union organizing committee, said the vote sends a message to Tronc, the paper's owner: "You have to work with us and you have to begin working with us today."

The workers' victory is part of a national trend, said NewsGuild President Bernie Lunzer. "The media landscape is changing, with the demands of private profiteers pushing against the hallowed traditions of quality journalism.

"The journalists of the L.A. Times are taking control of their own future," he said.

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