KPFA Bargaining Bulletin #3

KPFA Bargaining Update # 3

Your Union bargaining team met with Pacifica/KPFA on January 22, 2021. KPFA was represented by Quincy McCoy, KPFA Station Manager and Warren Nelson, lawyer on behalf of the Pacifica Foundation.


Nelson said he’s been bargaining on behalf of Pacifica with KPFK’s union in Los Angeles. That bargaining has lasted three months and is now entering federal mediation.


For KPFA, Nelson mentioned wanting to bargain for changes to:

  • “one-size-fits-all compensation” (we understand this to mean management would like to create different pay rates within the bargaining unit)
  • the cost of benefits
  • unspecified provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement that he described as “too unwieldy” for management to comply with


He also announced that Pacifica was no longer able to administer the 401a Pacifica Retirement Plan (this is different from the 403b plan that some of us voluntarily contribute to) and so would be terminating it. Quincy added that KPFA is able to make payments, and would do so through FY2020.


This is new information for the KPFA-CWA team and will be discussed further at the bargaining table. Benefits are a mandatory subject of bargaining.


CWA opened thanking the group and stating it’s an honor to represent KPFA’s hard-working, mission-driven members, who are continuing to serve the public through high-quality radio programming, during these tumultuous and historic political times. Pacifica needs to remember its roots, as a grassroots, listener-supported radio station. CWA is committed to negotiating in good faith and collaborating to create an agreeable contract for all. CWA is adamant about maintaining wages - specifically the equal pay structure - and benefits, for workers and families.

We discussed the new information about Pacifica being unable to administer the 401a retirement plan, the effects of termination, and questions around eligibility and who is covered by family benefits. KPFA will be providing requested financial information on all members’ wages, benefits and dependents for the next meeting. Warren Nelson clarified that he is Chair of the KPFA/Pacifica bargaining team, and reports to Lydia Brazon, Interim Acting Executive Director of the Pacifica Foundation - who will be signing off on the final contract.

The current contract 90 day extension is set to expire January 31, 2021. We discussed another contract extension for an additional 60 days.

Negotiations will resume next Friday, January 29th at 1pm.


In Unity,

Louis Rocha, CWA Bargaining Committee Chairperson

Jason Montgomery, CWA 9415 Secretary-Treasurer

Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Co-host, Upfront

Corinne Smith, Producer, Upfront

Anita Johnson, Producer & Co-host Hard Knock Radio