Help NABET-CWA Sisters & Brothers @ KSBY

Dear Member,


While we “celebrate” Thanksgiving this year in a different and COVID-19 safe way, can you take a couple of moments to help our NABET-CWA Sisters and Brothers at KSBY? These folks have been in bargaining to raise their wages so that they can live where they work in San Luis Obispo (SLO) is part of the Gold Coast of California, and it is a very expensive housing market.


The Out of Reach report shows the wage needed to rent a 2-bedroom apartment is $31.87 per hour, yet the current highest paid workers make $23 per hour and most make less than $20 per hour. Members have been holding rallies on Saturdays and have an online campaign which would be great if you would send a message to the KSBY General Manager.


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Please support these folks, who rejected (overwhelmingly) the Company’s offer in a vote counted November 20th. We head back to the bargaining table on December 4th, it would be great to fill the in-box of the General Manager to show him that the 28 members of the bargaining unit are not standing alone.


Thank you in advance, please click the link, send the message, and post to Facebook and Twitter.


In Solidarity,


Carrie Biggs-Adams


NABET-CWA Local 59051