Go Fund Me Page for CWA Local 9421 member, Weldon Lee

Here is a Go Fund Me page for Local 9421 Member, Weldon Lee, who is currently in a coma:
Our union brother Weldon recently went to the hospital and they diagnosed him with appendicitis. When coming out of anesthesia, he went into cardiac arrest because of a reaction to the drug they used to bring him to. He is now in a coma. The doctors have told several different versions of what happened. His wife Encie and his entire family are devastated from this entire ordeal. Now, the hospital is saying they are going to pull the plug on him tomorrow because there is nothing else they can do.We would like to help the family retain legal counsel to investigate these bizarre circumstances and bring justice to a strange situation that is putting his family and friends through emotional torment.Weldon is one of the kindest and warmest people anyone could ever want to meet and is beloved by all that know him. He and everyone that knows him deserve to know the truth so that justice can be served. We desperately need help because time is running out.