CWA & Comcast Bay Area Bargaining Report #1 February 4, 2016

The Union Bargaining Team met with the Company Bargaining Team on Wednesday, February 3rd and Thursday, February 4th.

The Company presented 14 proposals for changes to our contract. The Union spent many hours questioning the proposals to fully understand the intent of each and requested documentation, information and policies to support the Company rationale.

A few of the requested documents were provided and resulted in the Union’s ability to offer our first proposal.

While much of the requested information remains outstanding, enough was provided that progress has been made. The Company has withdrawn one of their onerous proposals.

Keep the faith – we are moving forward. Most important, let management know that the Union sticks together. United we bargain, divided we beg. Stay tuned, next formal session will be in March but your Bargaining Team will be meeting prior to the formal session to strategize more proposals and counters to the Company’s positions.

Your Bargaining Team,

Joel Sawaki                           Arif Hasan                              Lynn Johnson

Manny Rio                             Nancy Biagini