CWA'ers Walkout in Support of Climate Strike

On Friday September, 20, 2019, CWA D9 and CWA D1 members joined over 4 million Climate Strikers across the globe demanding the necessary systemic changes needed to begin to address the current and growing climate catastrophe .

In San Francisco, CWA members from Local's 9119, 9404, 9410, 9412 and 9415 joined over 40 thousand striking students and other supporters from labor, environmentalists, environmental justice and other progressive organizations demanding our political leaders begin to take action commensurate to the extinction level threat posed by climate disruption.

(CWA’ers; Norm Ten, Arcelia Montoya, Scott Turner, Yonah Diamond, Jason Montgomery, Davinder Gill)


Organizing by D9 CWA’ers including UPTE 9119 was instrumental in getting support for the Climate Strikes by three Central Labor Councils; Alameda , Contra Costa and San Francisco; Possibly the only CLCs in the nation to have taken this step so far.

( San Francisco CLC, Alameda CLC, Contra Costa CLC, CWA D9)


As articulated in D9 Vice President Frank Arce’s letter to all D9 Locals;

“Massive wildfires, category 5 hurricanes, years long drought and unprecedented flooding, sea level rise, heat waves and crop failures, all exacerbated by the human created climate breakdown. This is a critical moment in human history. Global fossil fuel emissions from our use of oil, coal, and gas are still going up, driving our climate crisis further towards catastrophe. All around the world youth have been going on school strike to demand urgent climate action to protect their health, safety, lives and futures. Collective action and power may be our last and best chance.

Pointing to the inspiration of the labor movement, young people are calling to “stop business as usual” and demand action from our elected officials. CWA District 9 stands in solidarity, calling for action on climate change while also recognizing the important opportunities in this crisis to create millions of good jobs and strengthen unions.”

The call to action by our allies continues this week; The call to action by our allies continues this week; CWA Next Generation Stands with Global Climate Protesters 

If you have any photos, report back or questions on how to support the Climate Strike efforts , please feel free to contact Ernie Pacheco @