CWA Strong Newsletter, Vol. 2

Which Side Are YOU On?

Vol. 2                         D9 CWA STRONG/Union Strong          Newsletter January 25, 2018

by Louie Rocha, Senior Campaign Lead  

The CWA STRONG initiative is a national program to educate and inoculate our members against the anti-union forces that look to destroy the only voice working people have in this country today-America’s Unions.   The public sector workers are expected to face the first onslaught of anti worker court rulings in 2018 and the private sector workers have so called  national right to work legislation looming (that should actually be named right to shirk).

At the 2017 CWA National Convention local delegates in attendance were asked to sign the CWA STRONG pledge for their local.  This is the CWA STRONG Local pledge:

District 9 Locals that signed the CWA STRONG Pledge at the 2017 CWA Convention:

9003; 9400; 9412; 9421; 9504; 9511; 29011; 29065; 9110; 9404; 9414; 9423; 9505; 9575; 29012; 39000; 9119; 9408; 9415; 9431; 9509; 9586; 29014; 39521; 9333; 9410; 9417; 9432; 9510; 9588; 29026; 89177;

Please contact your Staff Representative to sign the pledge and add your local to this list.

The next trainings are scheduled for February 27 & 28, 2018 in Sacramento and March 26 & 27 in Santa Fe Springs.  Space is limited in each training and is filled by invited locals on a first come first served basis.  Please contact me for more information. The trainings will continue in 2018.

As the labor song asks, “Which Side Are YOU On?”

D9 CWA STRONG training on

December 18 & 19, 2017 in Santa Fe Springs

CWA Local 9400 (South) attendees L to R: Charley Porter; Mo Llamas; James Sherman; Ariel Garcia; Carlos Penagos; Terence Perry; Will Saipale; Juan Urbina;

CWA Local 9510 attendees: Thomas Gardella; Bob Cole; David Wooten; Glen Ball; Michael Segura; Phillip Garcia; Joseph Hill; Anthony Testa; Cheri Brokaw (Staff Rep)




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