CWA Stands in Solidarity with MAXIMUS workers in their fight for a Union!



At Maximus, we will continue to stand together for a union, fair pay, and better benefits! Introducing: CALL CENTER WORKERS UNITED

As trade unionists we understand the significance of having a voice at work. We have the ability to sit across from our employers and go to bat for our members. The call center workers at MAXIMUS also want this right. Federally contracted customer service professionals at MAXIMUS are organizing with CWA to form a union. With wages as low as $10.60 an hour, MAXIMUS workers are fighting for better pay and working conditions they deserve. But the company is conducting an anti-union campaign to try to scare workers from uniting for a voice on the job. We need your help to show our fellow customer service workers that we have their backs. Over the course of the week of action, we are asking you show your solidarity with MAXIMUS workers, and make it loud and clear that the customer service members of CWA are standing strong with MAXIMUS workers in their fight for good jobs and a union. Members can show their solidarity by signing a petition, and by taking group photos and selfies with messages of support and solidarity.

For local unions that want to join in, please make sure to register for the Week of Action by September 13. Your local must register in order to receive a toolkit of materials and our tokens of appreciation, celebrating your contributions as customer service workers. Again, here is the link to register.

Please reach out to Sara Walling with any questions: