CWA is Seeking Members for Lawsuit

CWA is seeking current or former members age 40 or older who were looking for work in California at some point since 2012 and who had a Facebook account during the time they were looking for work.
This is for a class action that CWA filed against a group of large employers, including T-Mobile, Cox Communications, and Amazon, for allegedly sending hiring advertisements to Facebook users that excluded older workers. For example, the lawsuit describes a hiring ad that T-Mobile sent through Facebook which was designed to be received only by users 38 years old or younger. CWA believes that these practices violate federal and California laws against age discrimination.
To be eligible to join the class, an individual should:
1) Have been looking for work in California for some time period since 2012 (It does not have to be the whole period from 2012 to the present--just a time period that falls between 2012 and 2018);
2) Be age 40 or older during the time he or she was looking for work; and
3) Have been a Facebook user during the time he or she was looking for work.
If you know of a current or former CWA member (including CWA sectors and divisions) who fits the above categories and might be interested in joining this lawsuit, please forward their contact information to Alex Roe at

For more information on the case, you may visit the link below: