CWA Mobilization Bulletin #13 May 23, 2017

CWA Mobilization Bulletin #13

May 23, 2017


Your move AT&T

This past weekend was incredible.

Nearly 40,000 AT&T workers from coast to coast walked off the job, prompting store closures in hundreds of cities. The strike was covered in the LA Times, NY Times and dozens of other outlets.  In some places, congressmen and governors joined us at the picket lines.

To get a sense of the massive scope of the strike watch this video with some of the highlights.

This strike sends a forceful message to AT&T— we’re not going to back down until we get a fair contract.

You demonstrated incredible courage this weekend. Now the ball is in their court. We’re back at the table and ready to evaluate their next proposal.

Thank you for all you do.


CWA District 9


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