CWA District 9 California Statewide Endorsements


Candidates Running for Office

June 5, 2018 Primary Election

In accordance with the District 9 Endorsement Policy, the District 9 COPE held endorsement interviews for candidates seeking CWA District 9 endorsement for a statewide office. Since we received no objections from the locals, the following candidates who were recommended for endorsement by the District 9 COPE will receive the endorsement:

California Governor:

Gavin Newsom

California Lieutenant Governor:

Ed Hernandez

California Secretary of State:

Alex Padilla

California State Controller:

Betty Yee

California State Treasurer:

Fiona Ma

California Attorney General:

Xavier Becerra

California Insurance Commissioner:

Ricardo Lara

California State Superintendent of Public instruction:

Tony Thurmond


California Ballot Measures

In accordance with the District 9 Endorsement Policy, the District 9 COPE has evaluated the impact on CWA and its members of the Ballot Measures and since we received no objections, the CWA District 9 recommendations listed below, will be carried forward.

Proposition 68 (Support)

SB 5 (Chapter 852, Statutes of 2017), De León.

California Drought, Water, Parks, Climate, Coastal Protection, and Outdoor Access For All Act of 2018. (PDF)


Proposition 69 (Support)

ACA 5 (Resolution Chapter 30, Statutes of 2017), Frazier.

Motor vehicle fees and taxes: restriction on expenditures: appropriations limit.(PDF)


Proposition 70 (Oppose)
ACA 1 (Resolution Chapter 105, Statutes of 2017), Mayes.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Reserve Fund. (PDF)


Proposition 71 (Support)
ACA 17 (Resolution Chapter 190, Statutes of 2017), Mullin.

Ballot measures: effective date (PDF)


Proposition 72 (Support)

SCA 9 (Resolution Chapter 1, Statutes of 2018), Glazer.

Property tax: new construction exclusion: rain water capture system. (PDF)