The Broadband Bulletin: This week in telecom policy news

The Broadband Bulletin: This week in telecom policy news

CWA reaches new collective bargaining agreement with AT&T Southeast for more than 20,000 employees in nine states, ending historic 4-day strike. CWA call center worker delegation meets with Filipino counterparts in Manila. CWA urges Federal Communications Commission to broaden funding base of Universal Service Fund. And an engineer’s critique of the Department of Justice’s T-Mobile-Sprint-DISH settlement. Read it all here.

CWA members return to work as negotiators strike new deal with AT&T Southeast
“CWA members’ spirit and solidarity over the last four days showed the company that we would not back down until they bargained with us in good faith,” said CWA District 3 Vice President Richard Honeycutt. “This was a historic strike that showed the power that working people have when they join together.” Read More »

US, Filipino call center workers meet in Manila, demonstrate global solidarity between unions
“We came to investigate where AT&T is sending its calls. We knew a lot were going to the Philippines. What we’ve found is that AT&T is preying on workers here. They’re getting paid less than $2/hr and don’t have basic rights,” said Natalie Santiago, Executive Vice President of CWA Local 3122 in Miami, Florida. Read More »

FCC should broaden the Universal Service Fund contribution mechanism, not cap the program
“There is broad agreement that the USF programs are working, and that the Commission’s proposal risks undermining their success,” wrote CWA. “Rather than cap USF funding, the Commission should reform the outdated Universal Service Fund contribution mechanisms.” Read More »

An engineer’s view of the Department of Justice’s T-Mobile-Sprint-DISH settlement agreement
The DOJ’s solution raises as many technical questions as it answers. Read More »