Black History Month We Recognize CWA Leader: Claude Cummings Jr.





Claude Cummings Jr., who has served as an at-large member of the Executive Board of the Communications Workers of America since 2007, was elected Vice President of CWA District 6 in July 2011, and was re-elected in July 2015, and July 2019 representing workers in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. Claude has also been appointed to lead the Human Rights Department for the National CWA. In addition, VP Cummings has been elected as 2nd VP of the Houston Chapter of the NAACP, while also serving as an at-large member of the CBTU and APRI Executive Boards.


Prior to his election to CWA District 6 VP, he was President of CWA Local 6222 representing more than 4,000 members. He was first elected President of the Local in 1999; previously serving as VP and held other leadership positions in the Local. A leading voice in local and state politics, Cummings worked for passage of a state law to enable AT&T to provide video services to customers. He also served as a delegate to past Democratic National Conventions. He is a longtime community activist, supporting and directing civil rights efforts in the region, United Way contribution drives, community religious events, and other community and civic campaigns.


Before becoming an elected Union Official, Cummings was employed by Southwestern Bell Telephone Company in 1973 (now AT&T) and worked as a Frame Attendant and Communications Technician, maintaining systems for NASA, among other corporate customers.


Cummings is a 1970 graduate of Kashmere High School, where he was Senior Class President, graduating with honors.


A leader in the Fifth Ward Missionary Baptist Church, Cummings is Chairman of the Deacon Board and a member of Choir, Brotherhood, and Male Chorus. Cummings is President of the Board of Directors of the Faith Revitalization Center, Inc., and is a member and manager of the Gospel Group Endurance of Houston.


He is married to Ruth Cummings; they have three children: Kenyetta, Katrina, Claude III, and eight grandchildren: Laura, Ale`ycia, Yuri, Deiondre, Brianna, Jillian, Claire, and Laila along with one great-grandchild, Shai.