AT&T NIC BARGAINING REPORT # 12 Wednesday July 20, 2016


Wednesday July 20, 2016

Today was spent reviewing and preparing a response to the company’s economic proposals from yesterday. As reported earlier, it is clear the company does not value the employees at NIC, the work we provide our customers, or the revenue we bring to the company. Randall Stephenson’s 20+ million dollar annual income must be endangered by our requests for a livable income and dignity with equitable benefits. Sorry Randall, you’ll just have to learn to get by.

Sisters & Brothers, we are at crunch time, the contract expires midnight July 23, 2016.  We need to hear from you what is being done to make the company understand we are serious! We are fighting at the Table, we need to know you’re with us as we fight for You! Report mobilizing activities to me at: 


Mobilize     Mobilize     Mobilize     Mobilize

“ Alone we can do so little..... together we can do so much!!! “ ~ Helen Keller

In Solidarity,

Your CWA Internet Services Bargaining Committee

Ruth Marriott – CWA Staff Representative Bargaining Chair, T&T, Washington DC

Mayette Arii – Vice President CWA 9413,, District 9

Tim Skaggs – Steward, Local 6215, District 6