Asian Law Caucus of San Francisco workers join CWA!

Good News!

Workers at the Asian Law Caucus of San Francisco overwhelming showed their desire to unionize and join CWA through a card check yesterday, March 21, 2019. There was near unanimous support in the 28-person unit and 88% of the workers signed union authorization cards. The victory was certified by a neutral third party at ALC offices. An extremely motivated and organized 7-person Organizing Committee led the campaign. This was a joint effort with CWA Local 9415 (Scott Turner, Coby Rhem and Jason Montgomery) and CWA Local 9410 (Roland Andersen and Larry Yee). The group will be represented by Local 9410.
With management, we wrote this joint statement to be posted widely:
Workers at Advancing Justice - Asian Law Caucus (ALC) have joined the growing movement of non-profit staff who are forming unions. In voluntarily recognizing its workers' union today, ALC management is proud to be living out the value of worker empowerment, a core part of the organization’s vision. ALC workers and CWA Local 9410 applaud management’s voluntary recognition, and look forward to working with ALC’s board & management in continuing to build a healthy workplace. We are all committed to negotiating a fair first contract that will allow us to continue to meet the needs of our clients and communities.
As this statement says, there is a growing number of non-profit workers in the San Francisco Bay Area that are forming unions at work, many of them with CWA, including the Ella Baker Center, and the Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach, both of whom are now under first contracts with CWA Local 9415.