As Americans receive smaller tax refunds, AT&T runs away with billions in tax cuts

As many Americans with stagnant paychecks found that they were receiving smaller refunds on Tax Day and wondered if they would even have a job a year from now, massive corporations like AT&T ran away with billions of dollars in tax cuts, cut jobs, failed to provide promised wage increases, and continued to send jobs overseas.

Over the weekend, AT&T Midwest and Legacy T workers reached the one-year anniversary of their contract expiring and the company continues to stonewall workers at the bargaining table, while CWA members at AT&T Southeast are gearing up for the start of their own negotiations with the company this year. To put pressure on AT&T, CWA members across the country rallied to draw attention to the contract fight and to push Congress to hold corporations accountable for their broken tax cut promises.

Thousands of AT&T workers have already sent handwritten letters to their members of Congress demanding an investigation into what happened to the billions of dollars in tax breaks they gave away to AT&T and other corporations that keep cutting jobs. Send your letter now to demand an investigation:


AT&T Midwest, AT&T Legacy T and AT&T Southeast (CWA, Apr. 18, 2019)