2018 Frontier Contract Extension






Santa Fe Springs, CA - On July 10, 2018, the Union's bargaining team reached an agreement ("2018 MOA") for CWA represented Frontier employees in California who are covered by the 2016 Collective Bargaining Agreements between Frontier and CWA.    The members will be given the opportunity to vote Yes to ratify the contract's extension.  The extension, if ratified, will provide CWA members with job security, increased wages and ensures no increased costs for medical premium insurance through September, 2020.  


Memorandum of Agreement


Term of Agreement:

• 18 month Contract Extension, from March 2, 2019 through September 5, 2020

General Wage Increase:

• 4.3% compounded wage increase

• March 3, 2019, 2.25% • March 8, 2020, 2.0%

This Memorandum of Agreement extends the 2015 California Acquisition-Related MOA, including “Job Security Protection” no layoff, no downgrade or involuntary termination other than for cause and no increase in medical costs. The “guaranteed workforce size” has been removed.

BSW contract will be eliminated and all remaining employees will be moved into the CORE Agreement

• BSW Clerks will be upgraded to Business Dispatch and Control Specialist (BDC Specialist). BSW Clerks top wage is $22.46 and BDC Specialist top wage is $28.65.

• BSW Tech job title will be moved into the CORE Agreement with the current wage schedule.

• For the remaining BSW Techs, Article 11-2 Vacations will remain until January 1, 2019, Article 13-2 Workforce Size will remain in effect and Article 16-2 Outsourcing will remain in effect.

40 regular full time CST2 and or FNFT positions will be filled before December 1, 2018

• BSW Techs will be given priority to fill these positions. BSW Techs will have 10 work days to decide if they want the opportunity to transfer and up to 60 days after accepting the position to prepare for pole climbing. BSW Tech top wage is $26.03 right now and if they accept and qualify for position they would go to wage schedule 11. Currently top scale of wage schedule 11 is $37.75. BSW Techs that do not accept a position or fail pole climbing will remain BSW Techs.

• Jobs not selected by BSW Techs, will next go into a lateral transfer canvas process, where existing CST2 and FNFTs will be canvassed for job openings in their same job title at other locations. Vacancies created by this process will be backfilled.

• Remaining positions will be opened up to all considerations.

Upgrade Frame Workers

• Voluntarily upgrade 26 Frame Workers to Customer Service Technician 1 (CST1).

• Frame Workers are currently wage schedule 9 which top scale is $33.01, going to wage schedule 12 which top scale is $39.25, this is a $6.24 upgrade opportunity.

• Frame Workers Upgraded to CST1 will be “grandfathered”, that is; they will not be required to meet the job requirements of the CST1 job title for working outside of the central office environment.