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Fighting for Good Jobs at AT&T Mobility

We are mobilizing for a fair contract.  Join us.

Sarrah and Cheryce

Fighting for Good Jobs at AT&T Mobility.

CWA AT&T Mobility Workers National Day Of Action-To Fight Telecom Bosses!

CWA AT&T Mobility workers held a national day of action on February 11, 2017. Protests were held outside these AT&T offices in many cities including in San Francisco where members picketed and rallied. Many Mobility workers only make $16.00 an hours and the company is fighting to deny them a pension. The AT&T CEO Randall L Stephenson makes $26 million or more than $71,000 a day. Members from throughout northern California attended the action in front of the AT&T office at the foot of Powell St in San Francisco.

Labor Day Parade in Virginia City, Nevada

Liz Sorenson, Area Director has put together this parade every year for the last four years.