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T-Mobile/Sprint Merger & PUC Public Participation Hearings

CWA comments at the California Public Utilities Commission (C-PUC) about how the merger is not good for workers or consumers.

Fighting for Good Jobs at T-Mobile

As front-line workers in retail sales and call centers, and as telecommunications technicians, we are concerned that the proposed merger between T-Mobile and Sprint will mean the loss of many American jobs, cuts in wages and commissions, and a corresponding reduction in quality to our customers.


AFA Supports FRA, HKG, and NRT Flight Attendants

AFA Supports FRA, HKG, and NRT Flight Attendants

AFA-CWA: In a memo on June 5, 2020, United Airlines said it was closing three international bases: Frankfurt, Hong Kong, and Narita, effectively displacing almost 1600 Flight Attendants. The majority of these Flight Attendants have been part of United's family for decades; and have helped the airline become successful internationally. After mounting a pressure campaign and threatening legal action, AFA successfully pressured United management into an expedited arbitration. The arbitration took place on August 18-19.


Town Hall Call Feature Image

DirecTV Town Hall Call June 30, 2016

CWA District 9 hosted a "Town Hall" conference call for DTV workers to discuss the bargaining process and mobilization. We are stronger together!