CWA District 9 represents over 2,200 former DirecTV workers. AT&T recently acquired DirecTV in April of 2016. These workers install and maintain satellite television services.


Newly-Represented DirecTV Employees

On July 12, 2017 a Memorandum of Agreement (17-17) was entered into as, Appendix E of the 2016 Agreement that recognizes CWA as the duly authorized bargaining agent for workers described such as, Technician, Warehouse worker and Administrative Support.

Effective September 3, 2017, these Unit Employees were placed into the AT&T-CWA Agreement as “Appendix E”.

Job titles

The Company now recognizes these Unit Employees as the titles listed below:

DTV Title

New Appendix E Title

Administrative Support Assistant

Administrative Support Assistant

Field Operations Technician

*Premises Technician

Installation Technician

*Premises Technician

Office Coordinator

Office Coordinator

Warehouse Assistant

Warehouse Assistant

Warehouse Material Handler Sr.

Senior Material Handler


*Wage comparisons were made from the weekly wage steps in the April 2015 Premises Technicians’ wage table. New Appendix E Premises Technician titles shall transition to the corresponding step of the August 2017 Premises Technician.

Administrative Support Assistant, Office Coordinator, Warehouse Assistant, and Warehouse Material Handler Sr., shall transition to the step of the corresponding wage schedule that is closest but not less than these Unit Employee’s then-current weekly wage rate. (Section 3.C, MOA 17-17).


Unit Employees become eligible for any 2016 Agreement paid or unpaid time off and will be eligible to participate in the NTP (National Transfer Plan) in agreements, where DTV has been added as a participating company.

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Ratification ballots will be mailed to members on Monday, June 19, 2017 and will be due in the Post Office box on July 5, 2017 in order to be counted. If you do not receive a ballot contact your Local Union office. This agreement has the support of your elected Core and DIRECTV bargaining teams. Read the details of the agreement here and make an informed decision.