AT&T West

CWA District 9 represents over 15,000 workers employed by AT&T Communications in both California and Nevada.  AT&T provides both telecommunications and entertainment services for consumers and business.

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AT&T West and CWA D9 Bargaining Bulletin, December 7, 2016
December 7, 2016

CWA/ AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #64 December 7, 2016

The Union and Company Bargaining Committees met informally yesterday to discuss outstanding Requests for Information that the Company has yet to respond to.

December 1, 2016

CWA/ AT&T Bargaining Bulletin # 63 November 30, 2016

Last week CWA President Chris Shelton came out to California to meet with the Union Bargaining Committee.

November 16, 2016 — News


As we near the end of the year, I want to share with all AT&T West CWA Locals some very important information and dates.

November 16, 2016 — News

Horizons End of Year 2016


November 15, 2016 — News

CWA/ AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #62, November 15, 2016

The last couple of weeks the Union and the Company have been meeting informally in effort to reach a fair tentative agreement.